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Qt 5.4.1 Released

Today we have released Qt 5.4.1, the first patch update to Qt 5.4. In addition to improvements and fixes to Qt functionality it also packs new Qt Creator 3.3.1.

Qt 5.4.0 released in December introduced many features such as our new Chromium-based Qt WebEngine, WinRT support (including Windows Phone), and several Graphics improvements. With Qt 5.4.1 we are providing a good set of bug fixes and enhancements - thanks to all the feedback and reports we’ve received.

Qt 5.4.1 restores binary compatibility for Qt 5.3.2 (and the Qt 5 series) on Windows. Unfortunately Qt 5.4.0 broke binary compatibility on Windows when using MSVC 2012 or MSVC 2013, which is now fixed in Qt 5.4.1, and thus it maintains backward and forward compatibility with the Qt 5 series (except for Qt 5.4.0). Qt 5.4.1 also fixes many of the known issues of Qt 5.4.0, including building Qt on Linux without dbus (QTBUG-43205). Starting with Qt 5.4.1, QtDBus is enabled for all builds.

Other important fixes in Qt 5.4.1 include enabling JIT by default in the Qt Quick Engine (QTBUG-43171), a couple of critical fixes to OpenGL (QTBUG-43178 and QTBUG-43318), and fixes to Mac binaries (QTBUG-42594, QTBUG-43100). Qt 5.4.1 also provides a large number of improvements to WinRT (for example QTBUG-41769, QTBUG-43862, and QTBUG-44196), and adds support for Windows 10 Technical Preview (QTBUG-43413).

The device creation reference stacks for embedded Linux and embedded Android have also been updated to use Qt 5.4.1. There are some improvements in functionality, for example better support for compiling projects using embedded Linux toolchains and having add-on modules built into the image included in the generated Qt Creator custom Kit.

The full list of important changes can be found from the change files for each module.

The packages of Qt 5.4.1 also include new Qt Creator 3.3.1. See the blog post about Qt Creator 3.3.1 for the main improvements.

If you are using online installer, Qt 5.4.1 and Creator 3.3.1 can be updated using the maintenance tool. Offline packages are found from the Qt Account (for Enterprise users) and from the Download page (for Community users).

Join the live webinar

Please join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, 25 February where we will present an overview of Qt 5.4. We’ve spent countless hours ensuring that Qt 5.4 is our best release yet, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done! A copy of the recording will be sent to all webinar registrants, so please feel free to register even if you can't attend due to limited live seating. Register now!

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