Qt Forum migration coming up

Heads up everyone, Qt Forum migration approaching.

We will be doing the Qt Forum migration tomorrow, 4th March 2015.

The timeline for the migration is set so that around 9 o'clock CET we'll be taking the forums to a read-only state and then start migrating the content. The migration has taken over five hours in the test runs that have been done, so you can count on a full day of no new posts or replies.

During the migration the old forums will be visible and searchable, you just won't be able to post to them. This is to have a clean migration, with no loose threads left on the old system.

Once the content has been migrated, the old forums will be left in a read-only state, and redirects will be set up from the category and thread level to point to the new forum. The redirects are essential for search engines, quite a lot of the viewer traffic to the forums comes from different search engines.

In the new forums, the login system will be Qt Account.

We had an issue in the Qt Account registration page, where all the fields were marked as mandatory, that was an error, and now the fields have been set as optional, as they should be. Sorry about that.

The new forums will be in the style of qt.io. Functionally the forum will be more modern, with voting on replies and topics coming right out of the box. Also topic tagging will be there right away.

The new forum is based on NodeBB, is a modern actively developed platform, that has a good plugin system in place. There are many plugins available and if we really need something specific for the Qt Forums, there is the possibility to write a new one. The platform itself is being developed all the time, so we can also expect new features when new versions are released.

Of course the basics will all be like they were, posting new threads, replying to threads and the familiar structure of sub-forums.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Qt Forum in action.

But first we need to do the migration tomorrow.

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