Qt Contributors' Summit is coming closer


This is a friendly reminder that the Qt Contributors' Summit is coming soon. June is only a month and a half away and Spring is well on it's way in Oslo.

We will be gathering in Oslo, starting with an unofficial pre-event on the 5th June and the Summit on the weekend of 6th - 7th. If you are coming, please register by the end of this month with the registration form.

For those of you not familiar with the Qt Contributors' Summit, it is a two day event for people contributing to the Qt project in some way. We gather to discuss the current state and future of the project. Everyone who shares our passion for Qt is welcome.

The wiki pages for the event are now online too. For those of you coming, the Program page is especially important, as the event format is an unconference. This means that the attendees can, and should, reserve slots for discussions and presentations in the event.

I would also like to thank all the companies that are making the Summit possible: The Qt Company, Boundary Devices, Intel, ICS, e-Gits, Froglogic, Pelagicore and KDAB. Thank you for helping make Qt Contributors' Summit special this year!

See you in Oslo!

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