QtCon call for papers

QtCon wants you to submit a talk/presentation on your favourite Qt related topic now.

The talk can be very in depth, like what we usually have at Qt Contributors' Summit. Or more generic, something that would appeal to open source developers using Qt.

As the call on the QtCon page says, QtCon is a unique event.


KDE Akademy, Qt Contributors' Summit, FSFE Summit, KDAB and VideoLAN Dev Days have come together to create QtCon 2016, Sept 1 - 4, 2016, to be held in Berlin, Germany.

The conference runs from Sept 2 - 4. On Sept 1 there will be a day of Training from KDAB.  There will be talks, workshops, Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) and meetings, contributed to by everyone, as well as the traditional social events. KDE Akademy will then continue with BoFs from Monday 5th to Thursday 8th elsewhere in Berlin.

The conference will be at the bcc, in Berlin, which has the flexibility to run a diverse program of events so participants can attend presentations and meetings with a great variety of focus and interest. If you are a Qt user, you'll get the top quality talks you'd expect from a Qt conference, as well as presentations and meetings across each of the participating communities. If you normally attend the VideoLAN annual event, you will have access to everything you usually expect from that, as well as the opportunity to learn what’s new from Qt contributors, KDE and FSFE, and so on.

Attendees who are not members of any of these communities are also welcome to join this unique, one-off event and take their pick from the unusually wide range of material.

Maybe you have something else you’d like to propose along these lines, not forgetting talks that non-developers will find interesting. Find out more and submit your papers here