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Opening new horizons at QtDay Italy 2016

With the mixture of Qt-in-use sessions and technical talks, Qt Day Italy might rightfully remind you of Qt Days in other parts of the world. Qt users in China, Korea and Japan are accustomed to our QtDays where they get their annual dose of everything Qt. And now Italy is about to rock!

Though purely focused on the local developer ecosystem, this (for the most part) Italian-speaking event will definitely create a sense of belonging to the big family of Qtoholics… or Qtmaniacs… or basically, people who love Qt.

Qt Day Italy is the only Italian event entirely dedicated to Qt, organized by Develer, official Qt service partner.

The event kicks off with the QtLab, a full-immersion training day on April 29th delivered by Qt Certified Specialists from Develer. By the way, tickets are still available!

Frederik Gladhorn, The Qt Company Senior Manager will present the Qt Roadmap and talk about how the company pushes forward features and functions that benefit cross-platform development with each release.

“Qt 5.6.0 is the first long term support Qt release. In this talk you'll learn about the implications of the long term release, directions where Qt is headed and which platforms are supported,” says Frederik. “There will be a humorous look at how easy it is to make a release for something as complex as Qt.”

Looking towards the future, Frederik will tell a story about ongoing developments inside The Qt Company and community.

“Qt has been improving its offering on the application side and in addition helps getting work on embedded devices done with ease. There will be a brief introduction to Qt for Device Creation as well as a quick licensing update to help understanding the legal side of things,” Frederik says.

Other topics at the Qt Day Italy include practical talks on Qt and related technologies, case studies of companies that have successfully implemented and deployed Qt solutions, and reports directly from the developers of Qt on the latest technical and commercial offerings. Check out the schedule at http://www.qtday.it/schedule/

The event will end with Petref Saraci’s ending keynote on UX development.

“This an inspirational talk that shows the Qt value proposition. The talk will cover topics on UX and Qt, and Qt innovations over the years. I will talk about how we see the role of Qt in the future of UX and what we are planning for it,” says Petref, Senior Sales Engineer at The Qt Company.

Developers at the event can take advantage of a real-time help desk. The Qt Company Sales and R&D teams will also be at the event to guide Qt Day Italy visitors in the complex world of licensing and to show some fancy Boot-to-Qt features (http://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtee-about-b2qt.html).

To learn more about the event, visit http://www.qtday.it

The event also has its own Twitter account – follow @QtDay on Twitter (event hashtag: #qtday16)

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