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Five Reasons to Integrate Customized Qt SDKs for Your Business - Webinar

Developing various applications that take advantage of all the hardware and development resources available is not a trivial task, and succeeding in creating a positive Developer Experience (DX) and User Experience (UX) to grow your business is even more difficult. Learn how building customized Qt SDKs can help you utilize the full resources of developers and target hardware and software platforms. 
Register for our interactive webinar to kick-start your SDK strategy with experts from Qt, Esri and PubNub.  

Learn how to: 

  • Grow your business and multiply applications in your ecosystem 
  • Enhance the DX/UX and determine the performance you require 
  • Build your brand and show the ease of integration to your partners 
  • Save costs and enjoy faster time-to-market with extensible features
  • Increase performance and boost security 
Build your user experience from the home, car, workspaces and bring your brand in front of various application creators of various industries to your ecosystem with a powerful framework that will grow your business. 
  • Alistair Adams, Automotive Program Manager, The Qt Company
  • Michael Tims, Software Engineer, Esri
  • Jonas Gray, Head of Strategy, PubNub
  This webinar will be 30 minutes followed by a panel discussion with Qt SDK makers and Q&A.  
Ready to develop an Qt SDK and want to skip this step? Watch how on-demand: "Building Performant SDKs for Embedded Devices"

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