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Kick-start Your Qt 5.7 Project - Tips & Tricks

Qt is a great tool for building your UX, however there is much more to Qt than meets the eye. With the combination of the latest Qt 5.7, such as new modules, new reference boards, leveraging C++11 features, and new unified product structure, we wanted to make sure you get the most out of your Qt toolkit to build your upcoming project.

Be sure to take the Qt 5.7 RC on a test drive via Qt Account or through download.qt.io, and try new features of Qt 5.7, and provide your comments and feedback to help our amazing team & awesome contributors to deliver the best possible release with your help.

If you’re in North America, we also invite you to join us in a seminar where we will cover the latest updates, and tips & tricks for using all of Qt’s power, going beyond the UX and helping you build better projects.

Join us & kick-start your project:

  • Boston, MA  - June 7
  • Denver, CO - June 9
  • Silicon Valley, CA - June 14
  • Atlanta, GA - June 16

Register now for the Tips & Tricks Seminar for Using All of Qt's Power 

If you can't make it but still interested in getting more information, please contact iris.yamashita@qt.io for a copy of the presentations.

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