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QtCon schedule and registration

Published on Thursday July 14, 2016 by Tero Kojo in Contributors Events Dev Loop conference Qt Contributors' Summit | Comments


A small update on QtCon.

The program for QtCon is now up on the QtCon site, and we have a huge number of interesting topics to discuss and learn about. As we have several different communities coming together the topics are various and everyone will find interesting content for every part of the event.

If you are a contributor to the Qt project and are coming to QtCon, please remember to register to the event. And remember to book your travel and hotel early, Berlin is hosting IFA and other events at the same time, and this means a lot of visitors to the city.

See you in Berlin!

P.S. If your company would like to be part of the event, please take a look at sponsorship brochure!

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