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Call for Presentations for 2021 Qt Webinars and Events Now Open!

Qt is looking for speakers, collaborators and industry thinkers to share their expertise and thoughts with the developer and designer audience.

The mic is open. Whether it’s the latest cool project you have been working on with Qt, to sharing tips on how to keep productivity up when working virtually, to introducing the innovative companies/products/tools of the future, deep diving into a development methodology and much more – we are looking to hear from a wide range of topics that you think are important to the community. So come and share your latest developments, ideas and experiences with the world!

TLDR; pitch a talk or an idea and speak at our upcoming events: Qt World Summit 2021, our new developer/designer event and our upcoming webinars.

Submit your presentation here

Important dates
• Submit your topic suggestion(s) by February 28, 2021
• The authors of accepted topics will be informed in March
• Full presentations/slide submissions for our Developer/Designer event must be made by April 20, 2021 and Q4 TBC for Qt World Summit 2021

In 2021 we are looking for speakers to educate and inspire our audience across a variety of developer and designer topics. As well as welcoming talks related to Qt, we are now also looking for general industry talks. 

General topics
• Future gazing, innovation, trends and new technologies
• Deep dive into development processes/methodology, for example Scrum, Waterfall etc.
• Product/Tech Management toolkit
• All about design and tips & tricks on Photoshop, Sketch etc.
• Developer tips & tricks
• Personal development topics
….and much more - pitch us your idea!

Qt specific topics
• Developer, user and customer experience
• Tools, methods and processes for embedded devices
• Application development and Qt enabling application ecosystems
• Data visualization, data analytics and informational interfaces
• Creating 3D computer animations, modeling, simulation and rendering
• Graphics
• Platforms, connectivity and portability
• Real-world or industry-specific solutions built with Qt
• Qt for beginners and Qt for advanced

Did we miss something? The latest advancements and improvements in Qt are also welcome as always. You can, of course, submit presentations on any topic related to Qt.

Session length
There two different session lengths this year:
• 20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A
• 50 minutes + 10 minute Q&A

Program committee and selection criteria
The Program committee includes members from The Qt Company and Qt Partners. The committee will review all submissions and jointly select presentations based on the submitted abstract.

Here are some tips for writing a good abstract:
• Show a clear intent and purpose for your talk
• Make clear what the value of the talk is for the intended audience
• Keep in mind the event’s themes and focus areas
• Offer something unique and unexpected, yet relevant is to the event’s focus areas

The committee will make its decision based on the themes of the event. The committee will also make sure to cover a wide range of interesting topics.

Know your audience
Qt events and webinars attract people from all corners of the community. On previous years’ events, we have had attendees from over 40 different countries representing over 20 industries. Typically, some 70% are developers and 20% developers, executives, managers and team leads.

What's in it for you
Being a speaker is a fantastic opportunity to spread your message among a community of industry leaders and software developers. We will record and publish many of the presentations online, so your talk will reach a wide audience. The material from your talk will also be made available to all the attendees after the event.
Submit your talk today!

If you have any questions, please contact

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