Learn How to Automate GUI Testing with Squish: Free Courses on Qt Academy

Qt Academy, the free online platform for learning Qt framework and tools, is constantly updated with new content. Our new learning path made up of 9 courses, is specifically designed for Squish, and offers an ideal baseline for those interested in automated GUI testing. Created by Qt's team of Customer Success Engineers, this path features a comprehensive guide to mastering Squish and will equip you with all the necessary skills to get started with ease. 


Squish – the Automated GUI Testing Tool 

Squish is a tool for automated graphical user interface testing. With it, you can make sure the generated code works as anticipated. Squish can be used for a variety of codebases, languages, and platforms, so it is not bound to only Qt Development tools.
If you are new to Squish - head to qt.io/download to experience Squish for a 10-day free evaluation for businesses. If you want to learn more about Qt's QA tools, explore more information on commercial pricing and licensing from our website.

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Mastering Squish: Learn to Automate Your Testing with Confidence

With Qt Academy's Automated Testing with Squish learning path, you will build a fundamental understanding of automated GUI testing with Squish. Embark on a hands-on learning experience with our courses designed to help you create, manage, and execute automated tests for software applications using practical examples.

You'll start by configuring the testing environment and understanding the role of the Squish IDE when creating tests. From there, explore the various tools for recording and verifying tests, and learn different ways to test applications - from utilizing external data to building behavior-driven testing for agile development. Our comprehensive learning path will equip you with the necessary skills to utilize Squish for building your test suites and enhancing software quality and reliability through efficient automation strategies. Upon completion of all the courses, you will receive a well-deserved learning path certificate for your efforts!


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