Qt Contributor Highlight: Lukas Kosiński

Welcome to our very first Qt Contributor Highlight Blog post!

In this series, we will meet some community members and understand how the whole Qt ecosystem benefits from their impactful actions. 

Our first interviewee is Lukas Kosiński, CEO of Scythe Studio.

lukas kosinski

Without further ado:

Hi Lukas, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, everyone! My name is Lukas Kosiński, and I am the CEO of Scythe Studio, providing our customers with expert Qt consultancy. I am from Poland and live in the majestic city of Warsaw.

How did you find Qt? 

Before starting the company, I was a Qt developer myself. Despite my young age, I am already a “retired” Qt developer, as coding is no longer my main activity at my job. However, I still code some pet projects, create technical content, and even help my developers on commercial projects from time to time.

I started programming when I was around 13 years old. I was introduced to C++ development in high school, and it all kicked from there. At some point, I wanted to do more than console applications, and that was when I found the Qt framework. I started small and simple, building a calculator-like application. Along with my computer science studies, I was already working as a Qt developer.

What ignited the change from Qt Developer to Company founder?

After some time in the software industry, I got too many requests to work on Qt related projects. That was when I contacted my friend -Jan Kieś, and we started working together. Fast forward to 2019, Jan and I became business partners and founded Scythe Studio. As of 2023, we are 20 people on board.

That’s great news!
Now more specifically, as a Qt community member, how have you been contributing?

I am so lucky that I can contribute to the community at work. Most of my content is blog posts about technical aspects of the Qt framework that are then published on Scythe Studio’s blog.

I also have my own blog in Polish, where I write about IT and programming in general. You can find articles about C++, QML, and the Qt framework there. I have also been on podcasts and videos talking about Qt development. I also wrote guest blog posts for other more famous platforms like JustJoin.it - the most popular job wall in Poland—everything to advertise Qt as outstanding technology.

Additionally, Scythe Studio and the Qt Group have partnered regarding eLearning initiatives. I am developing a course on “How do QML and C++ work together?”

My plan is to keep talking about the Qt framework through blog posts and Scythe Studio’s YouTube channel, which is yet to be launched. So, stay tuned!

Speaking of future plans, I’ve heard something about a meetup in Poland.
Could you elaborate?

Yes, sure! We are planning a Qt meetup in Warsaw this year! Details are still to come.

We look forward to gathering our Polish community with expert speakers and networking opportunities.


Thank you, Lukas!
And we are soon coming back for another Contributor Highlight episode.


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