Qt Design Studio 4.5.1 Released

Great news! The latest Qt Design Studio update 4.5.1 is ready for download!

This update resolves some issues from the 4.5 release and also brings in an exciting new example for Figma Effects support.

Example for Design Effects

We created an example for the Figma Design Effects, which we started supporting with the 4.5 release. You can check out the example from here or download it as part of the updated examples in Qt Design Studio.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 11.39.06 (2)

The example demonstrate how to create modern design styles using Figma and Qt Quick. You can view the Figma project here. The Figma projects can be exported using the Qt Figma Bridge, resulting in QML that utilizes DesignEffects for a non-destructive workflow without the need to revert to images for effects.

Here's a tutorial video that provides a great overview of DesignEffects and the Design Effect Example.



Exciting Enhancements

We have significantly enhanced vital aspects of the user experience, focusing on improving the functionality and compatibility of Figma Bridge and MCU integration. Please take a look at the highlights below.

  • Fixed that fonts and assets are not part of .qmlproject config
  • Fixed that 2D View is not showing proper visual
  • Added support for Grid, Row, and Column Layouts for MCU
  • Fixed that Figma bridge exported result mismatch
  • Fixed that Qt Design Studio generates the wrong code for image files in MCU projects
  • Fixed that grouping items in an MCU project results in uncompilable code
  • Added TextInput support for MCU projects
  • Fixed that true/false triggers an error in Connection View
  • Fixed that rectangles with gradients cannot have a transparent color
  • Fixed that gradient fills do not have Alpha property

For in-depth details, including a comprehensive list of enhancements and bug fixes, head to our change log and release notes.

To understand Qt Design Studio 4.5 completely, don't hesitate to explore the original blog post. Get ready to experience a more polished and powerful Qt Design Studio!

Getting Started 

Qt Design Studio is everything you need to create quicker and smarter HMIs. Visit Qt Design Studio product page for more information and to try out the free evaluation.

Are you new to Qt Design Studio? Do not worry. 

If you encounter any bugs or usability issues, please send us a report in the issue tracker . We always look forward to improving your experience with Qt Design Studio. 


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