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VR with Qt Quick 3D—source code now available

In last year's Qt World Summit, Andy held a talk about Virtual Reality with Qt Quick 3D.  

Some of that work is already part of Qt: Qt Quick 3D Physics will be released as Tech Preview in Qt 6.4. The VR part is not currently on the roadmap, however, so we haven't got to the stage where we polish the module to Qt levels of quality. But it is still a lot of fun to play around with, and it is amazing to be able to experience a Qt Quick 3D scene in VR by just adding a couple of lines of code.

Therefore we have decided to make the current state of Qt Quick 3D XR available to the public, warts and all. It has been tested on Windows, Linux, and the Oculus Quest. You can clone the repository from https://git.qt.io/annichol/qtquick3dxr

The code is available under the GPL v3, and also under a commercial license to licensees holding valid commercial Qt licenses. However, this is not part of Qt, and even though it works well for us, it has not gone through Qt's QA process or release testing, so we can not promise that it will actually work. 

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