Embedded World 2019

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Experience Qt at EW19’

Experience Qt at EW19

The leading international fair for embedded systems, Embedded World 2018, takes place on 26 – 28 February 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany. This is the place to meet #QtPeople and partners!
Visit Hall 4, Stand 4-258, where we will showcase the newest and coolest in Automotive, IoT, Medical and Industrial Automation demos as well as Qt Design Studio. 

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Qt Designer-Developer Workflow 

Long feedback loops between designers and developers can make iterative UI design slow and cumbersome. Further, working relationships between designers and developers can be complicated. It's as if they speak different languages. No more! Qt gives you the tools that make collaboration between designers and developers easier and more efficient than ever before. The Qt UI Design Tools empowers designers to do live-testing on target devices, generate code and assets for their developers automatically based on their design prototypes. The tools close the gap between designers and developers so they can work simultaneously with one common UI framework, which means fast iterations, effective and lean workflow, and a shorter Time-to-Market!


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Proof of concept - Qt on MCU 

Proof of concept on how Qt Professional Services can provide optimization for scaling Qt down on Cortex-M7 or even Cortex-M4. The work includes enabling Qt features specific to the customer project as well as helping customer with their sw architecture and application design so that it will run smoothly on an MCU. Even the full solution can be done as a turn key service.

Infusion Pump on the INTEGRITY RTOS

• Simulation of an FDA Class III Large Volume Infusion Pump
• Built on Green Hills Software Ultra-Secure INTEGRITY RTOS
• Qt Safe Renderer IEC 62304 certified software tool
• Built using Qt Design Studio


Qt for Automation, software technology choice for Industry 4.0

  • New Qt development workflow, from Photoshop to deployment (Qt DesignStudio,)
  • Connectivity (Qt OPC UA, QtMQTT)
  • Remote UI on a browser (Qt for Webassembly)
  • Cross platform capabilities with one software framework (Linux, Android, Windows, Webassembly)


The Learning Robot

The Learning Robot is a joint activity of the Qt Company and AWS showcasing the ease of EDGE device machine learning capabilities in conjunction with Qt Application and Device Creation development. In this project the machine learning framework MXNET is utilized to analyse a human body via computer vision in real time. While this processing, arms and hands/fists are recognised to control two robot arms at the simultaneously. With this, the user will be able to control the robot arms with his own arm movements. Set up as a game, the user is supposed to move books out of a shelf from one end to the other.

The real life benefits are mainly existing where either low-latency machine learning is crucial or where cloud scenarios are not recommended due to reliability or security concerns. This includes but is not limited to:

* Quality and Failure Detection (e.g. Food and Beverage)
* Process and Product Optimization (e.g. Speech, Audio, or Video)
* Maintenance Improvements (e.g. Anomality Detection)
* Operation and Process Improvements (e.g. CoRobot control)


infinIT Codelab 
Unified Automation
Inside Secure

Partner and Customer Demos 

In addition to our own demos, our partners and customers will bring their own implementations #BuiltWithQt. Find out more about them below! 

  • A Fully Integrated Digital Cockpit Reference Platform - Luxoft 
  • Qt Fast Boot - Toradex 
  • KDAB Hotspot Profiler
  • basysKom – Industrial HMI with integrated Voice Control
  • Easy to protect, difficult to hack. Learn how with Inside Secure.

A Fully Integrated Digital Cockpit Reference Platform

Experience a fully integrated digital cockpit reference platform with Qt Automotive Suite and PELUX running on Intel Automotive Reference Platform (ARP), allowing you to create your own customized infotainment system for your specific business needs. It helps differentiate your brand from the competition while avoiding spending time on commodity building blocks. Book this demo


Toradex_Qt_Fast Boot Demo

  • A cold boot in less than 1.5 seconds, into a beautiful Qt GUI
  • Based on a Toradex Apalis System on Module with an NXP i.MX 6 SoC
  • Running Linux Operating System
  • Technical solution enabled by close collaboration between Toradex and Qt

You can check out the demo video here. 



This project is a KDAB R&D effort to create a standalone GUI for performance data. For the first time, Hotspot allows developers to analyze graphically profiling data from Linux perf.

It can be used on any C/C++ application including those using Qt of course!

Feature list:

  • Bottom-Up and Top-Down tree views
  • Caller/Callee list
  • FlameGraph
  • Time line

See video here.



  • Integrated voice control into an industrial HMI (Qt/QML)
  • Hands-free workflows on the machine
  • Industrial production line connected through Qt OPC UA (open62541)
  • Different HMIs reflect different user roles (cross platform: QtQuick/QML)
  • Remote monitoring application based on Microsoft Azure and Angular (MQTT/HTML5)

Inside Secure Code Protection & Whitebox is now integrated with the Qt framework IDE.  

Protecting your device secrets and your customers’ private data is now easier than ever.  

Join us and watch how quickly you can generate Whitebox keys to secure your device’s local storage. Whitebox technology also allows you to hide keys and certificates used for secure communications between devices and their cloud services. 

There’s no excuse not to protect your device from hackers. Register for a demo



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