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Gartner Research Note

The Leading Trends in Digital Experience 2020

The 'digital transformation' has become a matter of survival, and companies must stay up to date with the latest trends. Gartner's research report will bring you up to speed on the most critical aspects of digital transformation to look out for in 2020.

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Gartner states in the research;


"Our digital experience trends for 2020 fall within two broad categories, each discussed in detail throughout this research note (see Figure 1). The first collection of trends is associated with how we actually experience digital technology".








Once you have read the report, check out this Qt content that relates to the trends described in Gartner's research.

Webinar: Top 10 UI Trends in 2020

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Antti and shawn


Dr. Antti Aaltonen, Head of UX

Shawn Dorsey, Technical Artist

Design Studio

Design to code

Increase design fidelity from wireframes to pixel-perfect 2D/3D UI implementation with Qt Design Studio. Qt's workflow between designer and developers allow designers to have total control of UI design and implementation, while developers can focus on business logic and seamless UI integration. More info on this topic will be shared in an upcoming 'Top 10 UI Trends in 2020' webinar (see above).

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UX Renaissance 2

UX research renaissance

Gartner states that "UX research, and associated testing methodologies, uncovers human insights that are essential for successful design, development and innovation initiatives." Check out the following related Qt content :

'The Insiders Guide to excellent UX for non-UX people' Whitepaper

'Gamifying your UX' on-demand webinar

'Emotional Design for Creating Desirable Products' blog post

zero installation WP

Interfaceless machines

Remotely control your machines using a wide range of different approaches with Qt. Qt for WebAssembly lets you control your device from a browser using lightweight M2M communication protocols. It doesn't require any client-side installations and reduces server-side resource usage. Qt has several other options for developing interfaceless machines, as Bosch has done with WebGL streaming

Zero Installation Whitepaper

Qt Success


Create consistent and high-performance user experiences across your desktop, mobile, and embedded applications by using the Qt's Cross-Platform Framework and Tools. Scale your software and run it on anything from low-end microcontrollers (MCU) to supercomputers. Learn how Qt customers have developed multi-experiences through our  customer cases and videos.

Qt Success Stories

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The research note is available for a limited time only.


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Gartner, The Leading Trends in Digital Experience — 2020, 14 October 2019, Brian Prentice, Van Baker, Magnus Revang, Jason Wong, Brent Stewart, Daniel Sun, Jane-Anne Mennella
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