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One framework.
One codebase.
Every screen in the cockpit.

Unified UX across the connected car

Build the perfect setup for your project:

  • Multiple screens on a single SoC without the need for a hypervisor
  • Seamless UX across multiple SoC's and OS's
  • Connectivity across all screens in the cockpit
  • Scalable systems from MCU's to high-end hardware.
  • Future-proof solutions that meet your requirements now and in the future


Develop Android Automotive OS applications with Qt

  • Qt for Android Automotive extends the existing Qt for Android offering

  • Customize Android home screen and system UI with the Qt HMI framework and design tooling

  • Seamlessly combine 2D and 3D graphics on Android

  • Use Qt built HMI as an app launcher for native Java apps

  • Seamless connectivity between native Java apps and Qt-powered HMIs

  • Ready-made integrations to car APIs

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Digital clusters

  • High-performance 2D and gorgeous 3D UIs
  • Fast boot time
  • Razor-sharp graphics
  • Integrated safe rendering for certified functional safety

In-vehicle Infotainment

  • Extension to multiple screens
  • Responsive multi-touch experience
  • Multi-process & multi-app architecture
  • Easy 3rd-party software integration
  • Easy integration with external input, gestures and hardware.


  • Keep your eyes on the road with augmented reality 3D UI
  • Low-latency
  • Small footprint
  • Fully data-driven 3D rendering engine.


  • Visualise information in rich 3D
  • Integrate UI with car sensors


  • Turn basic HVAC controls into a beautiful user experience
  • Leverage 3D graphics and particle effects to visualise HVAC functionality
  • Various control methods, such as voice control via Alexa integration

Passenger Screens

  • Leverage IVI features in passenger screens
  • Integrate 3rd party entertainment services
  • Multi-process & multi-app architecture
  • Easy integration with external input, gestures and hardware.

Backseat Entertainment

  • Build immersive entertainment experiences
  • Connect with the rest of the car for a smooth experience
  • Share content between screens

Smart Driving Wheel

  • Extend cluster information and controls to the driving wheel
  • MCU support
  • Combine razor-sharp high performance graphics with functional safety.

Driver Applications

  • Build robust mobile applications and bring the cockpit to the drivers pocket
  • Extend car functionality by leveraging smart phone features
  • Easy and fast creation of companion apps
  • Reuse assets from your car's UI for a consistent user experience