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Get smartphone-like user experiences on NXP microcontrollers!
Discover a collection of free-to-download demo images, compatible with a range of MCU boards from NXP. Select a pre-built demo image, check the how-to guide, and run the demo on your board. The demos feature rich graphics, touch screen controls, multi-lingual support, and a variety of animations and controls for any use case.

NXP Thermostat Qt for MCUs


A modern Smart Home Thermostat touch screen interface. Turn up the heat on your microcontroller project...

Download Demo


How-to guide

◦ Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine 
◦ Full touch control, animations, swipe actions etc.
◦ Supports multiple languages
◦ Various pre-built UI controls such as Dials, Rotatory Dials, Knobs etc.

Compatible Boards 

NXP i.MX RT 1050 EVK

◦ NXP i.MX RT 1064 EVK

◦ EA iMX RT1062 OEM


NXP Qt for MCUs Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

 A Coffee Machine GUI for advanced control of speciality bean-based beverages. Brew up your own version today. 

Download Demo

How-to guide

◦ Select the drink
◦ From Qt Design Studio to Qt Creator, deploying on a microcontroller.
◦ Smooth UI

Compatible Boards

◦ NXP i.MX RT 1064-EVK

◦ EA iMX RT 1062 OEM

NXP Qt for MCUs Motorcycle cluster


2 wheels, one optimised GUI. Roll out the demo for a motorcycle display to your NXP hardware today.

Download Demo

How-to guide

◦ Day / night mode variations
◦ Welcome and goodbye animations
◦ High FPS with decreasing refresh rate for large assets

Compatible Boards
◦ NXP i.MX RT1170 EVK

Siili Smartwatch Demo

Smart Wearable

Smartwatch demo showing fitness wearable UI with a full feature set from clock, to monitoring workout to scrollable menu

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How-to guide

◦ Scrollable menu
◦ Advanced animations
◦ Leveraging natively built in hardware 2D GPU

Compatible Boards
◦ NXP i.MX RT500 EVK

Siili NXP 1170 HVAC-01_A

Dual-core HVAC

Safety critical components combined with modern GUI on single MCU for cost-effective automotive HMI solution.

Download Demo


How to guide


  • Dual-core architecture ready on single MCU
  • Modern UI
  • Graphics rendering is accelerated on dedicated GPU
  • Using shared memory

Compatible Boards

Want to try 'Qt for MCUs'?

The listed demo images are available for deployment on selected NXP EVK boards.

The demo binaries are also available in the commercial and evaluation version of 'Qt for MCUs'. Qt for MCUs currently requires a Windows OS host machine.

Qt For MCUs Supported Platforms 2

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