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Jan 8, 2019

Qt Partners with LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions Company to Enhance Development of Premium In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Partnership to Result in Reduced Cost and Accelerated Time-to-Market for Development of Advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Espoo, Finland – January 8 2019 – The Qt Company today announced a partnership with LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions Company to enhance LG Vehicle Component’s development of highly advanced in-car experiences. The new collaboration expands The Qt Company’s long-time partnership with LG Consumer Electronics to also cover software development of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems for a wide array of automotive manufacturers.

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation due to an entirely new wave of consumer-driven demands. Manufacturers must still observe the legacy requirements that have made the industry reliable and trustworthy to date, balancing regulation compliance with dynamic innovation that boosts the in-vehicle driver experience. The automotive market is rapidly evolving through the adoption of new technologies that add more screens and software into the car. As a result, premium IVI development projects now require more advanced technical capabilities to support and maintain a cohesive driving experience.

"As in-car experiences become more technologically advanced, manufacturers now seek an integrated, full-fledged HMI platform to cover all different system domains inside the vehicle. The Qt Company provides all the necessary technology to easily create intuitive touch-driven displays. Other features like 3D graphics and personalization enable impressive cockpits in feature cars," said Mr. Juneun Park, Vice President of LG’s Vehicle Component Solutions Company. " Our partnership with The Qt Company gives us the tools and capabilities necessary to save substantial time, effort and money as we develop and supply OEMs with next-generation premium IVI systems".

“Customers are rapidly exploring our latest technologies to build visually stunning and functionally rich digital cockpit experiences. It is not just the framework but actually the integrated workflow that enable customers like LG to innovate quickly,” said Juhapekka Niemi, Executive Vice President, Sales, The Qt Company. “We are excited to cooperate with a high-volume global innovation leader, and we look forward to future collaboration with LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions Company to further their position as a technology forerunner in the automotive industry”.

LG will use Qt’s commercial offering to optimize the development of next-generation premium IVI systems. Qt toolchains will provide LG with a seamless development process from designer to developer, greatly reducing the time needed for iterations between mock-ups and prototypes. Qt also enables LG to reuse essential features and assets across multiple development projects.

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