Using Qt for Educational Programs 

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Student licenses are available only via the school/professor/site license

Qt for Education

Everything you need for your software development lifecycle.
Ideal for educational institutions with non-commercial development projects

Term period

Default 12 months and negotiated at the time of acquisition.


No distribution. For internal use only.

Packages/Bundles available:



Access to professional teaching materials.

License Management:

One license per student. Licenses are transferable every 6 months.

Terms and Conditions:

Licensing T&C here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the educational license come with professional support?

    The educational license does not come with professional support from Qt engineers.

  • How are Qt for Educational Programs licenses designated?

    A designated person, usually the professor or assistant, will act as license manager. License managers assign one license per student. The license manager is able to transfer licenses from one user to another once every six months.

  • How long does the educational license last?
    A default term is 12 months and is negotiated at the time of acquisition.
  • How many education licenses may I get?

    That is dependent upon the class size and project. Please contact us to discuss the optimal amount.

  • How much does Qt for Educational Programs license cost?

    This license is free of charge.

  • What are other limitations of the educational license?

    Under the educational license, limitations apply. Applications and/or devices may not be distributed to third parties and must be used for internal use only. Subcontracting in any direction is not allowed under this license. Professional support of Qt is not included either.

  • What do I get in the educational license package?

    Qt for Device Creation (includes Qt for Application Development), Qt for Automation, and Qt Design Tools.

  • What happens at the end of the license term?

    The Qt for Educational Programs is a term based license and needs to be renewed at the end of the term to continue use.

  • What is the purpose of the Qt for Educational Programs license?

    The education license allows educational institutions and Qt partners to use full Commercial Qt (instead of OSS Qt) for testing, verification and learning purposes.

  • Who is eligible for the educational license?

    Qt provides educational licenses for free access to Qt software to Qualified Educational Institutions/universities. Although it is for students and educators, only professors and institutions may apply for the licenses. The software can be used for learning, teaching, training, research, and development that are part of the instructional functions performed by the educational institution.

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