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Qt for MCUs

Design & Develop High-performance Applications for Embedded Microcontrollers

Qt for MCUs is a complete graphics framework and toolkit to create and deliver smartphone-like user experiences on resource-constrained devices.

Available under Qt Device Creation license, Qt for MCUs brings the creative power of Qt to the realm of embedded microcontrollers, enabling UI reuse across MPUs and MCUs and rapid development with ready-made components.

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With MCU-grade Tooling

Harness the power of a toolchain tailored to resource-constrained devices.

With its low footprint and highly optimized libraries, Qt for MCUs is designed to deliver high-performance UI applications on MCUs and low-end MPUs.

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Across Any Platform

Run your application on any type of device.

Qt's truly cross-platform architecture lets you reuse code, tools, and assets across different projects, with major gains in terms of time-saving and consistency across devices—including mobile, desktop, MPUs, and MCUs. 

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Time & Money

Deliver a premium UX in a cost-effective way.

Thanks to its optimized performance and ultralight libraries, Qt for MCUs lets you run visually compelling applications on the most resource-constrained devices, helping you reduce time to market and BOM. 

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MCU Software Quality

Ensure the highest quality of your MCU code and UI.

By harnessing Qt Quality Assurance portfolio, Qt for MCUs helps you deliver best-in-class MCU software that meets the industry standards of safety and security.

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Limitless Scalability with a Flexible and Agile Framework



Included in Qt for MCUs

Lightweight Graphics Engine

Ensure optimal performance on resource-constrained embedded systems by leveraging Qt Quick Ultralite out-of-the-box hardware acceleration, low memory footprint, and ultra-light UI controls.


Quickly develop your user interfaces with an intuitive and expressive UI definition language whose declarative syntax is easy to understand even for non-programmers. The QML language offers all the creative resources and the flexibility to build outstanding UIs on any device—including MCUs. 

Ready-made Ultralight Controls

Save time and money by leveraging highly optimized UI elements tailored to low-end devices that can be customized to fit your own brand's look and feel.

Fonts and Images

Render fonts at runtime or compile-time, with high-quality anti-aliasing for smooth text rendering.

Qt for MCUs offers extensive support for various pixel formats—8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit—and efficient PNG and RLE compression for optimized image storage and transmission.

Powerful Animation Capabilities

Create an interactive, dynamic, smartphone-like UX on any low-end device with a rich set of animation tools. Qt for MCUs supports keyframe animation, built-in animation effects, property animation, and different interpolation methods and easing curves to bring your UI to life.

Long-term Support and Maintenance

Enjoy API stability and a steady roadmap committed to fulfilling our customers' needs. Qt for MCUs' long-term support and backward compatibility ensure your product's market permanence over the years.

Developer Tooling

Boost your software development experience with Qt Creator, a complete and intuitive cross-platform IDE featuring WYSIWYG design, code editor with syntax completion, debugging & profiling tools, and more!

Additionally, Qt for MCUs' tools and workflow integrate seamlessly with the most popular embedded third-party IDEs—such as IAR, Green Hills, and others.

Development Tools

From PC to Target Device

Enjoy the freedom to develop your application on PC even before the actual hardware is ready for deployment. By decoupling UI app development from deployment and testing on target, Qt for MCUs allows great flexibility and major time savings. 

Design Tooling

Boost your productivity by importing designs straight from Figma, Photoshop, and other content authoring tools and automatically converting them into functional code. Qt Design Studio allows UI/UX designers to bring their designs to life with compelling animations, simulation tools, and web sharing capabilities.

Qt Design Studio


Scale across markets and regions with advanced Internationalization and Localization tools helping you translate your software to any language—including right-to-left, bidirectional scripts, complex diacritics, scriptio continua, etc.

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Built with Qt


The convergence between brand style and graphics is a fundamental element for the success of such a prestigious motorcycle, leaving no margin for compromises.


“The market requires modern, rich, and sophisticated graphics, with dynamic visuals that adapt to world events. We needed to achieve smartphone-like performance, but without the corresponding gigahertz clock capabilities.”


Claudio Mariani

Instrument Cluster & Connectivity Supervisor at Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.


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Built with Qt

For a multi-brand, multi-category group to stand out in the global, hyper-competitive market, the elegance of products goes hand in hand with their seamless functionality and smooth operability.

"The Qt framework naturally enables the creation of atomic UI components that can be reused across projects. Atoms can be composed into larger molecules (or templates) that can be reused with great benefit. This allows us to port a consistent, optimal UX across different devices."

Daniel Dersmann

Head of Global GUI Framework Development

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Built with Qt

X2D 100C camera uses Qt on both its touch displays, including Qt for MCUs on its new 1.08-inch colored top display, reporting the camera status and shooting parameters.

"Qt was a game-changer for us in creating the microdisplay for our new camera. Despite the initial challenges we faced with memory, fonts, and layout, the direct support from Qt Group was exceptional. We were able to effectively leverage the wealth of online cases in the Qt community and achieve outstanding results."

Richard Röjfors

Software Architect, Hasselblad

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EM Microelectronic

Built with Qt

"In our field, high accuracy, full reliability, and finesse in design go hand in hand with top performance—low memory footprint and instant boot, foremost—all features that Qt for MCUs includes out of the box."

Marcin Marzencki Development Manager, Connected Modules & Displays, EM Microelectronic - The Swatch Group

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Built with Qt

ESAB, world leader in welding and cutting equipment, chose Qt for MCUs for its welding machines. The easily readable, intuitive TFT display built with Qt includes a wealth of controls to fine tune the welds for optimal performance—this time using physical knobs, for better interaction with gloves and protections.

"For us, QML has been a great asset both for creating prototypes on desktop that we could readily test on target and for ensuring full scalability across classes of hardware, from low-end microcontrollers to high-end microprocessors."

Arne Lagerkvist  Global Product Manager, ESAB

BCS Automotive Interface Solutions

Built with Qt

"When we started developing our touchscreen multi-function controller on an NXP i.MX RT1170 board, we had concerns about the hardware capabilities for our use case. It was a great relief to see that Qt for MCUs allowed us to efficiently deploy all the planned functionalities and to do so in half the expected time.


Thanks to Qt separation of hardware and software development, it was easy to view and test the UI on our desktops and deploy it to the actual hardware only for testing the performance. This saved us a lot of time and effort."

Jörg HedrichManager Software & Hardware Architecture, BCS Automotive Interface Solutions


Built with Qt

"In our line of work, it’s particularly important to have a system you can rely on."

Sami PäkkiläProduct Manager, Semi-Automation, Novatron

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Built with Qt

BOMAG uses Qt for developing their award-winning, multi-device myCOCKPIT HMI. 


“Our myCOCKPIT HMI interacts with all operating elements and assistance functions of the machine. This enables us to operate these often very complex systems in an understandable and efficient way. For example, we are able to display various camera systems, process parameters, and system status simultaneously with a very good user experience.”

Benjamin Sommer

Control System and Software Engineer, BOMAG


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Project Eclipse: a Reference Design for Two-Wheelers

Built in partnership with Crossware on Infineon TRAVEO T2G, our Reference Design delivers unprecedented functionality to the realm of two-wheelers. This highly cost-efficient MCU-based HMI can be customized with ease according to your brand and requirements. Key features include:

  • Cinematic startup animation
  • Gauges, vehicle status, telltales, ADAS
  • Map navigation, media player, and more streamed from smartphone
  • User interaction via hardware buttons and touchscreen

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Learn from MCU Examples and Reference Code

Qt for MCUs' rich documentation and large community offers a wealth of resources to create fluid, high-performance UIs on microcontrollers and get you ready for production in no time.

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Discover supported hardware platforms

Expert articles on embedded development
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Try Qt for MCUs 

To get you started in no time, we provide a number of demo applications showcasing Qt for MCUs' capabilities on a number of platforms. Download pre-built demo images, check the how-to guide, and run demos on a wide range of embedded hardware.

Demos on NXP
Demos on Renesas
Demos on Infineon
Demos on STMicroelectronics

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