Architecture Verification

Do the implementation of your system and its software architecture match? Only if software architecture and design are in sync with your code you are sure that you can use the software architecture as a guide and guideline for discussing the impact of new features.

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Why are Conformance Checks on the Architecture of a Software important?



Implementing architecture verification ensures that the system's structure remains clear and clean. To create the structural model of your software architecture, you can either set it up manually or import it from a UML model or from any other form of graph structure. Software architecture erosion and architecture debt are made transparent and can thus be effectively combated. Deviations are flagged to check if the code complies with the architecture, and further architecture erosion is stopped. Already existing architecture debt can be corrected via targeted refactoring measures which you can directly monitor in the results report of the architecture verification.


Key Features

  • Integrated Modeler
  • Interfaces to UML Tools
  • Freedom from Interference
  • Architecture Reconstruction
  • Architecture views for safety and security




Architecture Verification - Your Key to Success

The use of architecture checking (also called architecture check, architecture verification, architecture compliance check or architecture conformance check) ensures that developers and software architects do not leave the basis of the system to be developed, but build on it. The structure of the system remains coherent, software architecture erosion and architecture debt are made transparent and thus can effectively be prevented.

In addition, the software architecture in safety-relevant systems itself contains safety-relevant attributes and structures and must therefore be implemented precisely in the code. Deviations from the architecture become a threat to functional safety. The software architecture conformance check effectively mitigates this threat.

Checking, Recovering and Optimizing Your Software Architecture

Axivion Architecture Verification can import software architectures from widely used UML tools such as Enterprise Architect and IBM Rational Rhapsody®. This makes it possible to link the architecture review directly and easily with the existing architecture and design processes. Those who do not yet possess architecture documentation, don’t need to worry. We have various options to ensure, that you, too, can benefit from continuous architecture verification and architecture conformance checking.

Software Architecture Check

Software Architecture Recovery

Software Architecture Archaeology

Success Stories for Axivion Architecture Verification from Various Industries

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Assured with Axivion
“The Axivion Suite provides us with crucial support when implementing new features in EB street director and guaranteeing the quality of our software solutions in the long term.”

Jakob Schmidt

Software Architect at Elektrobit


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Fresenius Medical Care

Assured with Axivion
“Thanks to the Axivion Suite, we have the maintainability of our software under control, thereby safeguarding our long-term capacity for innovation.”

Thomas Stahl

Director Software Engineering, Fresenius Medical Care

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Assured with Axivion
“With the Axivion Suite, we have significantly reduced our integration effort and integration risk.”

Daniel Zimmermann

Head of OSS Software at HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH

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