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The fully customizable Axivion Static Code Analysis is a cornerstone for your CI-based quality gate. It complements the use of automated testing tools and ensures high-quality code - right from the start.

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This image shows a real screenshot from Axivion Static Code Analysis dashboard to give you an insight into the working environment of the static analyzer.

Using State-of-the-Art Static Code Analysis to Assure the Quality of Your Software

The automated analysis of your software projects identifies violations of coding guidelines according to MISRA (including MISRA C: 2023 and MISRA C++:2023) and AUTOSAR C++14. Security-relevant violations are analyzed with coding guidelines according to CERT®, C Secure Coding and CWE. Metric violations are displayed and documented, as are clones, cycles or unreachable code.

The results of Axivion Static Code Analysis support you in the continuous quality assurance accompanying the development of software created in the programming languages C and C++. By automating the quality checks, developers can focus on the tasks that require human intelligence and creativity. Repetitive tasks can simply be handed over to a machine, which repeatedly performs full-scale checks and delivers comprehensive reports.

Stopping Software Erosion to Future-Proof Your Software Development

Software erosion (also known as technical debt) is a process through which maintainability, extensibility and reusability of software is made more difficult or even impossible over time. Source code is continuously modified to enhance the functionality of the software to adapt to new or changed requirements. Although this might not impair the function of the software, it potentially introduces additional burden on future tasks.

As a consequence, software erosion can also degrade the observable operation of a system and compromises its functional safety and security. The result: relevant criteria, e.g. for ISO, DOD, MISRA, may not be met anymore, thus preventing successful certification in certain application domains.


Clone Detection & Management

The clone detection feature identifies both duplicates and similar pieces of code in the software and tracks them over time to support consistent further development. It uses the structure and can therefore also detect clones with altered function names and variable names.

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Metric Monitoring

Benefit from included rule sets for common software metrics. These includes metrics based on lines and tokens, nesting, cyclomatic complexity, control flow or golden oldies like Halstead metrics. Even whole rule sets like HIS are supported.

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Coding Guidelines

With Axivion Suite’s automatic coding guidelines checkers, risky vulnerabilities in the code are easily found during development. The integrated delta analysis enables targeted reactions to newly emerging risks in the code.

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Defect Analysis

The defect analysis checks the source code for potential runtime errors. It includes scalable data and control flow checks. These allow errors such as out-of-bounds access or division by zero to be detected at an early phase of the software development.

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Dead Code Analysis

Code that will not be executed still needs attention. Dead or unreachable code complicates comprehensibility, testability and maintainability. Through direct feedback, preventive bug fixes and low-threshold refactorings can be optimized.

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Cycle Detection

The analysis recognises cyclical dependencies on different levels. It can identify and monitor not only call cycles (recursions), but also component cycles and include cycles.

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Certified for Use in Development of Safety Systems

SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH has certified that Axivion Static Code Analysis is suitable for use in the development of safety systems up to the highest level of the safety requirement contained in the respective standard: ISO 26262 up to ASIL D, IEC 61508 up to SIL 4, IEC 62304 up to Class C and EN 50657 up to SIL 4.

For an extra level of quality assurance use the Axivion Tool Qualification Kit to support the classification and qualification of your tool chain.

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Static application security testing (SAST) for C, C++ to prevent security vulnerabilities

Static application security testing (SAST) is a key component when developing security-related software. Axivion Static Code Analysis is an ideal choice when looking for a SAST tool: it helps to ensure that secure coding practices are implemented properly and vulnerabilities are removed in the early stages of the development process.

Not only developers using C /C++  will benefit from the tool's features, which focus on safety, compliance, and risk management. Anyone for whom maintaining software security and compliance is crucial, Axivion is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting the source code. Contact us to learn more.

Read our blog post on SAST: Facets of SAST: Rule Sets or Architecture Verification – Which is Enough?  Go to blog post.

Find Hidden Issues in Your Software

Evaluate Axivion with your own code and see the ROI. By automatically uncovering the hidden issues, you will know how to ensure you comply with coding guidelines and industry standards.

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Success Stories for Axivion Static Code Analysis from Various Industries

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Assured with Axivion
“With the ISO 26262 certified Axivion Suite, Schaeffler Automotive Buehl maintains the high quality of its mixed ASIL systems.”


Schaeffler Automotive Buehl GmbH & Co. KG

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Assured with Axivion
“We have evaluated several static analysis tools, and Axivion Suite clearly stood out in our tests. The tool performed best in terms of AUTOSAR C++14 coverage and convinced us through its ease of use, control flow, and data analysis, and report generation. Axivion Suite has already become a mainstay component in our development workflow and a valuable component of our DevOps pipeline.”

Dejan Pangercic

CTO and Co-Founder of Apex.AI


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Siemens Healthineers

Assured with Axivion
“Thanks to the support during implementation and the excellent support provided by the Professional Services Team, it proved possible to integrate the Axivion Suite into our development environment quickly and easily. There are virtually no architecture violations now; instead, we have a higher standard of architecture-compliant code – across all our development teams, worldwide.”

Sven Neuberg 

Software Developer Computed Tomography at Siemens Healthcare GmbH

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Assured with Axivion

“From a technical perspective, the Axivion Suite won us over with all of its functions for automated code and architecture verification. However, it was the excellent support from the Axivion Professional Services Team that proved to be the key to the high level of acceptance among developers and the fast and highly productive results: the way the new tool suite was rolled out and integrated into our workflows plus the highly motivating training for everyone involved have made the suite a complete success.”

Jan Schröder 

Team Leader for Software Architecture and Modules at Jungheinrich Norderstedt AG & Co. KG

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Assured with Axivion
“Integration with Enterprise Architect was perfect: Finally models can be enforced without intensive visual inspection!“

Heiko Stehli

Software Architect at HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH


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