Achieve compliance according to AUTOSAR C++ 14 when developing safety-relevant software.

If you need help deciding whether to follow the AUTOSAR guidelines or the MISRA standards, we can help.

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The Axivion AUTOSAR Checker Covers all Machine-Testable Rules of AUTOSAR C++14

The AUTOSAR C++14 guidelines for the use in safety-critical environments contain rules compiled by a working group of the AUTOSAR consortium. This standard focuses on the development of safety-relevant software in the automotive environment and is also suitable in other embedded applications with safety relevance. The testing of coding rules such as AUTOSAR C++14 is also required for compliance with the specifications of ISO 26262.

The AUTOSAR checker is part of Axivion Static Code Analysis and covers all machine testable rules of AUTOSAR C++14 (17.03, 17.10, 18.03, 18.10 and 19.03). 

Easy Integration with Surprising Results

  • Easy focus in day-to-day business reduces risks

    Axivion’s unique delta mechanism helps you and your team focus on the daily work: writing safe code. In reviews, AUTOSAR C++14 rule violations caused by work on sprints, releases, feature branches, etc. can be easily identified through the delta analysis.

  • Easy integration into IDEs and CI environments

    The results of Axivion’s AUTOSAR C++14 checker integrate into a wide range of IDEs and CI environments. This allows easy integration into your processes from local checks to full-blown automated checks in the CI— all including the same configuration and results. The CLI and scripting capabilities of Axivion allow the AUTOSAR C++14 check to be integrated into virtually every practical environment.
  • Simple process integration into Safety Quality Management

    Axivion provides you with central building blocks for your safety quality management: The severity classification of rules and rule groups allow you to prioritise your work. By means of justifications, deviations from the AUTOSAR C++14 rules can be handled in a structured and systematic way in the work process in order to develop in conformity with the standards. By applying different delta intervals, progressions can be viewed and evaluated throughout the development process. Automatically generated reports on the AUTOSAR C++14 compliance of your code make documentation easier.

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More than just Guidelines

AUTOSAR is often associated with architectures rather than coding guidelines. In addition to pure rule checking for AUTOSAR C++14, Axivion Suite can also monitor the architecture of a software system: Do architecture, design and implementation fit together? In the automotive environment, architecture and design descriptions using UML and system configurations using arxml files can be included in the check. 

Watch our webinar “Software Architecture Checks of classic AUTOSAR projects” to learn how this works in the AUTOSAR environment and for AUTOSAR architectures.

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Confirmed Compliance

As part of Axivion Static Code Analysis the AUTOSAR checker is certified by SGS TUEV Saar for use in software projects with safety requirements according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL D, IEC 61508 up to SIL 4, IEC 62304 up to Class C.


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