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Axivion Static Code Analysis has an integrated C Secure Coding Checker which allows you to ensure your code complies with ISO/IEC TS 17961.

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C Secure Coding for Compliance with ISO/IEC TS 17961

ISO/IEC TS 17961 is an international standard, which specifies rules for secure coding in the C programming language. The Axivion C Secure Coding checker covers many of the decidable rules for C Secure Coding according to ISO/IEC TS 17961. Like CERT this checker focuses on security-related rules and has overlaps with MISRA and AUTOSAR rules.

Using the Axivion Static Code Analysis, which includes the C Secure Coding checker, allows you to ensure compliance with the ISO/IEC TS 17961 rule set during the development of your software. The unique delta mechanism helps you to focus on your day-to-day work, namely writing safe and secure code. Deviations from the rules that have occurred through sprints, releases, feature branches, etc., can be easily identified by the delta analysis in reviews.



The Axivion C Secure Coding Checker results integrate with IDEs and CI environments, allowing easy incorporation into your processes from local checks to full-blown automated checks in CI with the same configuration and outcome.

Setting severity levels of rules allows you to prioritize your work. Using justifications, deviations and non-compliances with the rules in the work process can be dealt with in a structured and systematic way in order to develop in a standard-compliant manner.

If needed, reports showing the conformity of the code with C Secure Coding can be generated.


Comprehensive Overview of Deviations

The Axivion C Secure Coding Checker will identify deviation and provide all relevant information such as e.g.:
  • which rule is being violated
  • what the rule is about
  • where to find the deviation (path, line etc.)
  • severity of the deviation
This gives the developers a clear understanding of the issue and allows for fast and efficient corrections to be implemented.

Coding Guidelines


Axivion Static Code Analysis includes checkers for various guidelines and standards, which you can rely on to comply with them. And of course, you are able to add your company-specific rule-sets as well. This allows you to customize the analysis of your code to match your individual needs.

Read more about the guidelines supported by Axivion.


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