Coding Guidelines

More Than Safety and Security: Search for Vulnerabilities in Your Code

By using the automatic coding guidelines checks which come with Axivion Static Code Analysis, risky vulnerabilities in the code are easily identified during development. The integrated delta analysis enables targeted reactions to newly emerging risks in the code. The reporting options for the identified safety and security problems enable you to prove compliance, i.e. adherence to the selected coding guidelines. The results of the coding guidelines audit can be easily and completely repeated. As a result, and due to the continuous baselining by means of delta analysis, the coding guidelines check is also particularly suitable for the preparation and implementation of assessments and audits.

Compliance with Customer-Specific Coding Guidelines

Axivion Static Code Analysis is highly customisable and can be extended to include your custom coding guidelines. Thanks to the graphical user interface you can easily configure the rule sets as well as the options for the individual rules.

The results of your custom coding rules checks integrate into IDEs and CI environments just like the standard checks. They allow easy integration into your processes from local reviews to full-blown automated reviews in CI with the same configuration and results.

Included Coding Guidelines




MISRA C:2004, MISRA C:2012, MISRA C:2019, MISRA C:2023, MISRA C++:2008, MISRA C++:2023

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CERT C Rules, CERT C Recommendations, CERT C++ Rules

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Common Weakness Enumeration

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C Secure Coding

ISO/IEC TS 17961

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Axivion Static Code Analysis also covers other coding guidelines such as Qt-specific rule sets or best practice (e.g. CQM). And you can also add your company specific rules if needed.

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