Defect Analysis

Check Your Source Code for Possible Runtime Errors

The Defect Analysis of Axivion Static Code Analysis checks your source code for potential runtime errors. The analyses include scalable data and control flow checks. These allow errors such as out-of-bounds access or division by zero to be detected early.

Memory and Pointers

  • NULL dereferences
  • Escaping addresses of local variables
  • Memory leaks from new/malloc without delete/free
  • Mismatched resource allocations/releases
  • Resources used for reading/writing at the same time
  • Forbidden operations on resources
  • Double free/use after free
  • Comparison/subtraction of unrelated pointers
  • Array access out of bounds
  • Buffer overflow
  • Side effects
  • Taint analysis
  • Race condition analysis


  • Exceptions during stack unwinding
  • Violations of exception specifications
  • Uncaught exceptions
  • Dead catch blocks

Numerical Errors

  • Divisions by zero
  • Overflow in arithmetic computation
  • Assignment of bad values to enum-typed variables

Logical Errors and Customized Rules

  • Forbidden argument values
  • Uninitialized variables
  • Unused definitions
  • Constant conditions

For Axivion Static Code Analysis “defects” focus on run time errors. But the tool, of course, also covers API usage, syntax errors etc.

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