Function Profiler

Coco’s built-in function profiler gives users the ability to assess application performance. The function profiler provides data regarding the frequency and duration of function calls associated with your test executions. You can use it to optimize code performance by zeroing-in on high function call counts and long procedure times. Coco will help determine if areas in your code are deserving of refactoring and assist you in identifying avoidable performance slowdowns.

The profiling extension also supports comparing two product versions together, enabling you to quantify performance effects of new code changes rapidly and easily.

Coco offers users the ability to conduct post-mortem performance analyses. In other words, you can execute a complete suite of tests with the profiling data recorded, which you can archive for offline analysis.

Using the profiler is easy: simply include an enablement flag during instrumentation, and the profiling results will appear in the CoverageBrowser without any additional work.