Image-Based Testing

Flexible, Configurable Image-Based Lookups

In those cases for which Object-based recognition is not suitable, the Squish GUI Tester offers an Image-based recognition approach. Image-based testing is best used for applications with custom controls, applications built with unsupported toolkits for which object properties are not readily available, or 2D/3D graphics or plots, such as medical imaging data. The Squish GUI Tester is often the preferred test automation tool, owing to its support of both Object- and Image-based recognition methods, which can be used in a complimentary manner.

  • Highly configurable Image-based lookups (per-pixel tolerance, image cross-correlation, multi-scale image lookups)
  • Use of image groups to represent a single UI object (e.g., for those components that have differing appearances due to different rendering styles or cross-platform tests)
  • Powerful Fuzzy Image Search