Multiple Real-World Scripting Languages

Choose from a Variety of Non-proprietary Scripting Languages

A variety of non-proprietary scripting languages are available when working with Squish. Select from Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl or Tcl, and take advantage of the world of knowledge at your fingertips in each of the scripting languages.

Each scripting language offers its own advantages, whether based on your existing knowledge of one or more of the languages, or by addressing a key test scenario using an existing and proven approach already available in the scripting language.

  • Create Test Cases using Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl or Tcl
  • Leverage your existing scripting knowledge and strengths
  • Discover and use existing modules and approaches in each non-proprietary scripting language.
  • Incorporate your existing scripts in your Squish Test Suite
  • Access a world of expert information for each scripting language