Object Map & Object Identification Tools

Powerful GUI Object Map

Record test scripts with confidence, as Squish GUI Tester interacts with the application objects, capturing user actions and displaying recorded scripts in your preferred scripting languages. Captured objects details, or properties, auto-populate the GUI Object Map, storing objects hierarchically and containing only the required information to correctly identify your application objects going forward.

Scripts contain symbolic names, which refer to entries in the GUI Object Map, requiring modification to single location in the event of an object changing, instead of each instance of that object in the test suite. recorded script, observing Squish intelligently waiting for objects, and progressing through your script as rapidly as the application allows.

  • Automatic test script recording
  • High-level interaction and object recognition (e.g. clicking a menu item) instead of low-level events
  • Scripts independent of screen coordinates and resolutions
  • Extend exiting scripts with Snippet recording
  • Generate script code in Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby or Tcl