Test Verification & Validation

Test Verification & Validation: Verification Points and the Object Picker Tool

Confirm your scripts are producing the expected result at any point in your tests. Perform positive and negative testing, further validating each scripted test case, whether confirming data visible to the end user, verifying underlying objects and object properties contain the expected values or visually comparing results.

Create verification points during initial recording, while recording a Snippet, or manually scripting.

View object property details, by selecting an object using Squish Spy. Determine the valuable properties, viewing their current values, and create verification points to validate one or more properties throughout your tests.

Intelligently compare images, locating images using object properties, while adjusting image comparison modes (strict, pixel or histogram), applying positive and negative masks, adjusting thresholds allowing for a user-defined margin or error, as well as comparing and adapting each verification point for interface changes over time

  • Automated Test Case validation using Verification Points
  • Create verification points while recording, or when refactoring scripts
  • Point-and-click or manual verification point creation
  • Create global, local or scripted verification points
  • Verify object properties, entire table contents and compare images
  • Select the object(s) to verify using the Squish Spy’s object Picker

Learn how to add a property verification point to your test case with the following short tutorial: