Automated GUI Testing for Windows Applications

Tackle automated GUI Testing for your native Windows applications with Squish. It features dedicated support for MFC, WinForms and WPF controls. It also supports automation via MSAA and UIAutomation.

Benefit from cross-platform and cross-device support, easy test case recording, powerful scripting, full BDD integration, remote- and multi-application testing, automation via CI and ALM systems and more.


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Squish for Windows applications

Use Squish as your GUI test automation tool for all kinds of native Windows applications. The tool automates GUI tests on all Windows platforms, with dedicated support for all standard and complex Windows, MFC, .NET controls and more. Enhance your scripts with dynamic script and spy access as well as access to the complete Windows and .NET APIs.

Squish includes dedicated support for:

  • Native Windows applications
  • Standard Windows and MFC controls
  • Complex Windows and MFC controls (Item views, menus, tabs, etc.)
  • Standard .NET Windows Forms controls
  • Complex .NET Windows Forms controls (Item views, menus, tabs, etc.)
  • Standard .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) controls
  • Complex .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) controls (Item views, menus, tabs, etc.)
  • Excel spreadsheets (accessing sheets, cells, etc.)
  • Infragistics .NET Advantage controls
  • Exontrol controls
  • Plex controls
  • Visual Basic (6.x and .NET) controls
  • Embedded web content
  • Complex custom controls using extension plugin mechanism
  • Standard and complex objects and object property access
  • Remote testing of applications and multi-application tests

Squish for other applications

The beauty of Squish is that it is compatible with a wide range of browsers, operating systems, and platforms. 

Beyond Windows applications, it can also be used to automate Qt, Java, Web and HTML5, Android and iOS, macOS, and Tk applications. It also supports all applications running on desktop, mobile, or embedded devices capable of running a VNC server

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“Squish is the best GUI testing tool I’ve worked with. Its runtime performance is great and it has a low ‘barrier’ to get up and running. It feels much more lightweight and flexible than any other tool I’ve used."

Joshua Niehus, SQA Engineer for UI Automation, Bio-Rad Laboratories


Latest release – Squish 7.2

We are thrilled to introduce Squish GUI Tester 7.2, the ultimate software quality assurance tool for automating cross-platform GUI application tests. Packed with exciting new features, this latest release is designed to elevate your automated testing efforts to new heights.


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Topcon Agriculture Group uses Squish for Windows to drive some of the support tools they use in house, as well as on the construction site. 

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Squish for Windows
Getting started guide

Our Getting Started Guide is here to help you learn the basics of Squish and how you can use it to improve the testing processes in your organization.

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