Jenkins is a popular, open source Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/D) server used to help automate software build, test, delivery and deployment tasks.

Squish GUI Tester users will be familiar with our existing Jenkins integration which allows Squish tests to be launched via a Jenkins job. We’ve extended this plugin to support automated pushing of test execution results from the Jenkins server to the Squish Test Center database.



Automated Workflows

The extended plugin supports both Freestyle and Pipeline projects, offering full control over which tests are run — a whole suite, a single test or customized subsets via tagged executions.

When configuring a job to send results to Test Center, you’ll be able to specify your project name, define filtering labels, and set batch identifiers, which will appear within Test Center’s database.

The upload of results to Test Center is handled automatically, based on whatever triggers are used by your team’s workflow (e.g., a new Git commit or a scheduled nightly run.)


To ensure a secure upload to Squish Test Center, the Jenkins plugin requires an upload token to be provided in the plugin configuration settings. This token safely replaces an uploader’s username and password for upload only. That is, it cannot be used for full access to Test Center. Users can revoke the upload token from within Test Center’s Settings page, and any Test Center user with upload privileges can generate the token.


  • Jenkins installation 2.60.3 and beyond.
  • Squish for Jenkins plugin v8.1.0 or newer.
  • Upload token generated by a Test Center user with upload privileges.


More information can be found in our documentation.