Jira, originally designed solely as a bug and issue tracker, now serves agile development and QA teams for their project/product management, test and requirements management, defect tracking and release planning needs.

Jira integrates with Squish Test Center to automate the pushing of test results from Test Center to Jira, and allows for mapping of Jira issues to Squish test cases.


Achieve Traceability

Jump between Squish Test Center and Jira through a seamless synchronization between the two systems.


With a push of a button, information from an Issue Ticket in Jira can be transferred to Test Center’s database. From there, you can map which Squish tests are associated with which Jira tickets. Test Center’s Overview page lists the Issue Tickets and the associated Test Status.


Tests uploaded to Squish Test Center can have their results pushed to Jira. The result of each case will automatically update the ticket’s State within Jira (e.g., Resolved/Unresolved).

These push and pull operations can be automated through a command line utility, such that results are pushed whenever new test results are uploaded to Test Center.


Automate Bug Reporting

Mapping of Jira issues to Squish test cases allows for automated tasks to be performed within the Jira platform, including automatically opening a defect ticket in Jira if a test uploaded to Squish Test Center has failed.

Within the ‘Description’ section of the created ticket, a backlink to Test Center’s Explore page will appear which lists the failed test case and the test suite which contains the test.


Handle Customized Workflows

Jira permits customized, or non-standard, workflow definitions. A benefit of custom workflows is that they can be configured to reflect your organization’s unique processes.

Test Center’s Jira integration handles non-standard workflows through an easy-to-define ‘Workflow’ field in the Integration’s settings page. There, you can define States and Transitions in agreement with your internal processes, which will be reflected when pushing results to Jira.


  • Availability of a Jira instance, with login credentials.
  • Test Center Administrator privileges to enable and configure the integration.
  • Test Center User privileges to access the integration.


More information can be found in our documentation.