Polarion ALM


Polarion ALM, an Application Lifecycle Management platform from Siemens, is used by software development teams for requirements-, test- and build & release management, along with project and resource planning.

Polarion ALM integrates with Squish Test Center to provide traceability and result synchronization between the two platforms. Both the cloud-based and server-based versions are supported.



The integration establishes traceability between the two systems, using a result push and pull operation between the servers. Within Test Center’s Traceability View, you can fetch Polarion ALM tests with a single click. Once the tests have been pulled, they can be mapped to tests managed by Test Center. Mapped tests can be pushed back to the Polarion server as test runs with executed tests. The Polarion instance will include links behind the items in the ‘Actual Result’ column of a test run page, which lead back to Test Center.

Creating Polarion Tests from Test Center

A new Polarion ALM Test Case can be created from an existing Squish Test Center test, on Test Center’s Explore page. From there, you can configure the item to specify a Polarion ALM Project, define a Summary, and include a Description. An option is included to create test steps automatically in Polarion ALM. This creates the test’s children as steps in Polarion ALM, for example in Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) tests with multi-step scenarios.


  • Availability of a Polarion ALM instance (cloud- or server-based), with authentication credentials.
  • Test Center Administrator privileges to enable and configure the integration.
  • Test Center User privileges to access the integration.


More information can be found in our documentation.