Xray for Jira

Xray for Jira is an add-on application for Jira used for manual and automated test management.

Squish Test Center integrates with Xray for Jira to provide traceability and result synchronization between the two systems.
With it, you can map Xray tests to Squish test suites and test cases.

Xray Jira



The integration allows you to sync your Xray projects to Test Center with a click of a button.
This allows you to associate the fetched Xray projects with their Squish Test Center counterparts. Once the projects are mapped, you can pull Xray tests to the Test Center database, and these will display in Test Center’s Traceability View.
This view allows you to link your Xray test items to the corresponding Test Center tests, and will display these items along with their result status. To establish traceability, you can, with a click of a button, push updated results back to your Xray for Jira app, while specifying the familiar Executions and Test Plans.
The integration offers access to your data in one place, without requiring you to update both applications separately.





Creating Xray Tests from Squish Test Center

A new Xray Test can be created from within Test Center’s Explore page.
From there, you can configure the item to specify an Xray Project, define a Summary, corresponding to the test name displayed in Xray, and include a Description.
An option is included to create test steps automatically in Xray from the selected Test Center test.
This creates the test’s children as steps in Xray, for example, in Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) tests with multi-step scenarios.


  • Installed and activated Xray for Jira add-on.
  • Test Center Administrator privileges to enable and configure the integration.
  • Test Center User privileges to access the integration.


More information can be found in our documentation.