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Customized for Automotive Needs

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Qt in the Driver’s Seat

We believe that technology should provide opportunities for future in-vehicle innovation. We recognize that the automotive industry is going through a tremendous evolution in terms of technology-driven development. We see that you need technology that will enable your future innovation, not limit it.

Qt is designed for creating great user experiences for all your in-car screens. It is a completely independent technology with a strong open-source ecosystem, which allows freedom in technological evolution while keeping it all in your own hands.


Customized for Automotive Needs

Qt Automotive Suite is a new product offering built on top of the Qt toolkit – framework and tools. It provides a comprehensive infrastructure of libraries,  tooling, hardware adaptation and ready-made solutions to let you, as Automotive OEMs and Tier 1’s, focus directly on building innovative user experiences rather than infrastructure and the working environment.

More Value

  • Maintain control of your ecosystem, service innovations, brand experience and future business models
  • Focus resources on user experience creation, not infrastructure
  • Benefit from a strong, independent open source ecosystem and world-class technology
  • Enable 3rd party innovation
  • Realize shared risk management with a flexible business model

Decrease Costs

  • Take our pre-built platform designed for creating stunning UX and simply replicate for all your development programs.
  • Attain high UX performance and the ultimate HW/OS flexibility
  • Bank on faster and more predictable time-to-market
  • Get higher quality and less QA costs with this primed platform
  • Gain productivity through world-class tools and custom SDK creation

Automotive Partners Strong and Open Collaboration

Qt Automotive Suite is developed together with Qt Company and automotive partners through an open collaboration model. Together with the technology partners we are providing a unified technology offering: automotive libraries, solutions, tool chains, hardware/OS integration and value-add components. In case you are interested in contributing, please contact us so we can tell you more!

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