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Smartphone-like UX

Reuse code across MCU/MPUs

Fast development with Qt’s tools and UI language

Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.

Qt for MCUs is a complete graphics framework and toolkit with everything you need to design, develop, and deploy GUIs on MCUs. Run your application on bare metal or a real-time operating system.  


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What is included in Qt for MCUs?

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Fully-Loaded IDE

Qt Creator is an integrated development environment (IDE) built for the maximum developer experience. It comes with a sophisticated code editor, version control, integrated WYSIWYG UI design, project & build management, a device emulator, and so much more.  

WYSIWYG Designer

The Qt Quick Designer is a WYSIWYG editor for files written in Qt QML, a CSS, and JavaScript-like multi-paradigm language. It helps you rapidly design and build applications and components – from scratch or based on ready-made UI controls. 

Ultralite Controls

Use our ready-made UI elements instead of creating them from scratch and customize them to fit your own branded look and feel.  

Optimized Graphics Engine

Optimized graphics engine for MCUs that renders QML-based UIs


Design adaptable software applications for various languages and regions without engineering changes.

QML to C++ Conversion Tools

Tools to convert QML based UIs to native C++ code for MCUs and other resource-constrained devices.

End-user documentation

Generate interactive end-user documentation embedded in your application with built-in search functionality.


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MCU Getting started content

Get started with Qt for MCUs

Watch an recording of the introductory webinar and learn step-by-step how to create fluid, high-performance interfaces for MCUs with Qt.

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Verolt Qt For MCU Content

Port existing Qt apps to MCUs

Download a free and über-helpful white paper and webinar on mastering the art of porting Qt Quick apps to MCUs.  

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See the HomeChef App; built with Qt for MCUs
Daniel Colonna, Microcontroller Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics

"The Qt Company showcased an impressive demo running on our STM32MP1 multicore Microprocessor series at Embedded World earlier this year. Now, the UI performance they achieve on a lower-performance STM32F7 series MCU is taking Qt to the next level and we are certain that our cooperation and the benefit to customers will flourish with their new MCU offering.”

Joe Yu, VP and General Manager of the Low-Power MPU & MCU Product Line, NXP Semiconductors

"We are extremely pleased with the graphical performance delivered by Qt running on our i.MX RT1050 crossover processors. By utilizing the RT1050 graphics accelerator, Qt uses minimal memory footprint while delivering 60 fps high-quality graphics. Qt is used extensively in the embedded industry, and the new offering will make Qt an even more attractive player than it already is today."


Try this at home!

Did you enjoy watching the demos? Download them and see how they run on your board! Demos are currently available for the following boards:

1200px-STMicroelectronics_logo.svg-1 kisspng-nxp-semiconductors-freescale-semiconductor-logo-el-amitabh-bachchan-5ac6b5c54b69f3.2852164315229721013089
  • STM32F769i-DISCO
  • STM32F7508-DK
  • I.MX RT1050-EVKB
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Ready for your own MCU project?

Sometimes, a little expert help goes a long way. Qt Professional Services are here to help you embark on your MCU adventure.

  • Porting to a new platform
  • Porting to a new RTOS
  • Creating a prototype for a specific platform
  • Extended support and maintenance.
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Currently Supported Development Hosts

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The evaluation version includes the binaries needed to create UIs for reference hardware and sample app source code for your inspiration. 

Don't have the right hardware to hand? No worries, feel free to tinker away and deploy to your desktop.

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