Qt in Automotive

Start driving innovation and unify your world with Qt.
The future of automotive is written with Qt.

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For drivers, an amazing journey means making sure their lives flow effortlessly into their vehicles and then out again when they arrive at their destination.

The Link Between End User Services and Car OS

Users expect a seamless customer experience between all their devices and services. With Qt inside your car, you enable a thriving ecosystem of services with 3rd party applications.

For your customers, it enables a unified experience that is linked seamlessly to their lifestyle. The experience goes beyond the infotainment system to any device anywhere.

For your company, it enables control. Together the Qt platform, toolkit and cloud are the key to this control. Whether you create in-car services or a 3rd party does, you keep the ecosystem, service innovations, brand experience and future business models in your own hands.

Trusted Industry Partner

  • The Qt Company has long strategic partnerships with multiple OEM and Tier 1 companies
  • Qt has proven and tested track record since 1994
  • Qt technology is recommended by the Genivi Alliance

What if you could...

... you can with Qt

The Qt Automotive Suite makes this possible.

Exceed Your Customers' Expectations

Premium ICE

Take advantage of Qt features that are already integrated into the UIs of leading entertainment industry players to deliver a smooth and premium in-car entertainment experience.

Safe IVI

Beauty in the front. Logic in the back. Qt is more than a user interface solution. It enables you to create a powerful and secure back-end ensuring in-vehicle infotainment system safety.

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