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Qt for Automotive

Creating software for your digital cockpit (IVIs, Clusters and HUDs) should be fast. Our massive class library and integrated tooling makes software developers more productive and designers more comfortable deploying to embedded hardware which means more design iterations leading to superior user experiences that gets you ahead of the competition. 

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Driving the User Interface

The digital cockpit should be a wow-factor in modern vehicles. Ensure a consistent and functionally safe user experience and make it stand out from the crowd.



What will the future in the Automotive industry look like? With Qt you are able to create a unified user experience in the digital cockpit.

There is an increasing number of displays built inside the car. Some of the user interfaces reflect the user experience from your mobile phone and some visualize important information about your car and the route. 

Come join us in a short journey of how digitalization manifests itself inside the car.  

Download the "Qt Conquers the Automotive Interior" white paper

Download our white paper discussing the development of today and tomorrow's sophisticated digital car interiors and consumer expectations ranging from UX, 3D, mobility, autonomous driving, augmented reality, and how to keep up with quick release cycles and maintain streamlined development and design at the bleeding edge of consumer technology.

Jump into the Driver's Seat

Qt is used by leading OEMs and Tier1s because they are able to unify their branded look and feel across all their in-vehicle screens with one single SoC. Take a peek under the hood of some of Qt's featured Automotive users and learn how you also can take your UX to the next level. 

Read about the Qt & Harman partnership


Harman provides leading technology IVI systems & service innovations for the automotive industry. 

Read AutoIO's success story


AutoIO uses Qt to ease HMI design by boosting development efficiency, providing a smoother HMI, reducing launch times, and improving user experience.

Watch Daimler video

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ

This model is one of the concept cars in generation EQ series, which are cars that are "close to production". The car has screens everywhere and they are all #BuiltwithQt.

Watch Gofore's video

Gofore's e-bike concept

This e-bike instrument cluster concept demo highlights how seamlessly Qt allows HMI designers and software engineers to work with the same tools.

Read about Continental Engineering Services

Continental Engineering Services

Qt Development Framework has been an integral part of CES’s projects to build instrument clusters for sports cars and motorcycles.

Watch Symbio video

Symbio Elysian

This infotainment solution by Symbio brings new wireless Apple and Google services inside the car and provides fully customizable user interfaces with Qt.

Read BOLT's success story

BOLT Electric Motorcycle

Sustainable racing with Bolt electric motorcycle — fast machines and fast dashboard development.

Watch 3D indoor parking video

3D Indoor parking

This video is created by Siili Solutions and demonstrates assisted indoor parking in an instrument cluster. 

Why Qt for Automotive?

Boost your productivity, reduce your time to market while at the same time minimizing your risk.

Unify the Digital Cockpit

Ensure consistency across your clusters, IVIs and HUDs. Qt uniquely enables this with one tool for all screens resulting in simplified engineering resourcing and the lowest TCO possible.

Rapid Iterations

No design comes off the drawing board perfect in the first iteration. Qt and it’s tooling is put together to make iterating your design fast so you go to the market with your best product. Getting the best result is an agile process.

Build your Ecosystem

Ensure both your own teams and 3rd parties are using the same tools and libraries. Your own branded Qt based SDK with ready-made UI elements and style guides will make your UX consistent across all screens and apps

Qt empowers world's fastest electric supercar 

“We have used other development platforms in the past, but we realized quickly that they had limitations. With Qt it was really an ‘out-of-box’ experience and with the support of both their consultants we were able to leverage on their knowledge and create one of the most advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and instrument clusters on the market – from scratch”
- Goran Hacek IVI development coordinator, Rimac Automobili

Read more

Boost your productivity

Qt for Automotive allows you, as AUTOMOTIVE OEMs and Tier1s, to focus directly on building innovative user experiences rather than infrastructure and the working environment. 

Qt Automotive Suite

Developed in collaboration with our technology partners, KDAB and Luxoft. A fully fledged automotive UI software platform built on top of the powerful and open source Qt C++ cross platform development framework. 

Qt Automotive Suite

2D / 3D User interfaces

With Qt you can choose your development approach and increase UI design productivity with Qt’s ready-made controls and out-of-the box functionality.

Qt UI design

Functional Safety

Functional Safety is primarily visible in the digital instrument clusters. Qt Safe Renderer is a powerful software component to produce the UI design workflow for designing, writing and certifying safety-critical code.

Functional Safety

Device Creation

You can create modern user interfaces using Qt on top of multiple embedded hardware and OS combinations, from embedded Linux to Real-Time Operating Systems. .

Device Creation

Industry leaders innovating with Qt

Automotive Tier 1 and OEMs use Qt to build their next generation digital cockpits delivering unforgettable and reliable user experiences.

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