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Qt training will ensure that your team delivers better and faster projects. Reduce time-to-market. Polish your Qt skills with the best trainers.

Thousands of software professionals have developed their Qt and QML competence in Qt training across six continents.

Understanding of Qt

We offer in-depth training to help users develop a comprehensive understanding of Qt. Qt Authorized Trainers provide both a theoretical understanding of Qt accompanied by examples, and they also conduct hands-on labs on your preferred platform(s).

We provide open enrollment courses for individuals and on-site training for groups. Open enrollment courses can be attended by selecting the desired course, date and location from our course schedule. On-site training is generally offered to companies who wish to invest in their developers. The material covered in on-site training is customized according to the customer’s needs.

Qt Courses

  • are class-room based and instructor-led
  • are delivered by our experienced Qt trainers
  • are based on lectures, discussions, examples and hands-on programming labs to deepen understanding
  • provide best practices how Qt and QML should be used efficiently in SW projects
  • will help you understand the concept and strategy of our product

Types of Training

We have conducted 320 training events in 44 countries, mounting to 1,100 training days. Our trainers are highly professional Qt advisers.

There are seven pre-defined training editions with hundreds of demos and hands-on programming labs.

Open seat training

Open Seat Training is held throughout the world for you to sign up and learn together with other Qt developers. There’s a variety of courses available as open enrollment courses. To participate, all you have to do is choose your desired course from the schedule and contact us or the training company offering the specific course you desire.

On-site training

If your company has special needs for training, on-site classes can be customized on request and the instructor will come to your site for you to work in your own environment. On-site courses work best for companies that have several employees with the same background who need to learn Qt, companies that want to specify the timing for the training or want to design a course for a set of specific needs. Contact us for tailored offer.

Academic / University

We believe that the next generation of developers needs to know Qt too. The Qt Company can provide materials, exercises and examples for your academic programming course. If you are a teacher, visit for more information.

Qt Training

Qt Competence Building

Easily choose a Qt training module that fits your needs. Qt Essentials is the pre-requisite for all competence development paths. Some of Qt Essentials offering includes:

  • Qt Modules
  • Application architecture
  • Development tools
  • Building and debugging
  • Qt licensing
  • Qt ecosystem
  • Qt object model
  • Meta-object system
  • Core types

Choose your path

Once you have successfully completed Qt Essentials training, choose a competence path that best suits your need and the needs of your team. Following are the 3 competence path you can choose from or take all of them.

GUI Developers

Creating outstanding UIs using QML, 3D techniques or widgets.

Qt Quick and QML

  • Qt Quick Designer & QML Profiler
  • UI Creation with QML
  • Custom items and components
  • Ct Quick Controls 2
  • Model/view framework in QML
  • Best practices in creating responsive UIs
  • QML and C++
  • Extending QML with new types
  • QML rendering and rendering optimizations


  • Windows and contexts
  • Qt OpenGL support
  • OpenGL classes
  • GLSL shaders in QML
  • Data visualization
  • Qt 3D Studio
  • Creating 3D simulations with Qt 3D


  • Widget Types
  • Touch and gestures
  • Qt Designer for widgets
  • Layout system
  • Custom widgets
  • 2D painting
  • Animations and effects
  • Styling and style sheets
  • Model/view framework
  • Internationalization
  • Graphics view
  • Qt charts

Engine, Embedded, and Mobile Developers

This module is suitable if you are developing Embedded Devices, Mobile Application Development and Application Engines.

Application Engine Development

  • Custom libraries and plugins
  • Unit testing
  • Databases
  • Multimedia
  • Qt Speech
  • Processes and inter-process communication
  • Efficient threading
  • XML and JSON
  • Networking
  • Hybrid apps with Qt WebEngine

Embedded Development

  • Qt for Device Creation
  • Embedded toolchains – Yocto
  • Qt configuration
  • Qt Lite
  • Deployment
  • Platform abstraction
  • Wayland
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Qt Serial Bus
  • Qt in RTOS

Mobile Development

  • Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Supported features
  • Architectures
  • Native API calls
  • Application life cycle
  • Mobile UX
  • Styling
  • Mobility APIs
  • Sensors
  • Positioning and location
  • Bluetooth

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