Highlights from Qt Widgets and More | #QtWS22

This presentation is both for Widgets and QML developers! Qt Widgets and More is a YouTube series with more than 75 episodes on Qt Widgets, Qt Core, Qt Creator, GammaRay, Clang-tidy, clazy, and much more. While the focus of the channel is on Qt Widgets, there is also a lot of material for QML developers - using tools like Qt Creator, clazy, implementing an operator, understanding qAsConst, etc. The aim of this series has always been to present material like a friendly coworker who invited you over to his desk to show you a productivity tip that he had just learned. This presentation will guide you through the long list of videos, and show you some that you won't want to miss. Other topics include: * How to speed up your compilation * Improving QTableView in various ways (Widgets specific) * How to write a proper proxy model * How to make your code base more robust Learn more about Qt: https://qt.io