QML Code Reload: Discover What’s New with Alex Leutgöb | #QtWS23

Abstract: Code reloading is a technique that allows developers to update the application’s source code at runtime. By using code reloading in your Qt Quick project, you can achieve short iteration cycles and speed up development. This talk discusses how to implement code reloading in Qt-based applications for Embedded, Desktop, Mobile, and WebAssembly. We explore different techniques, their advantages, and drawbacks, as well as the best tools to use for optimal performance. The audience will gain valuable insights about Qt 6 and why it is an ideal framework for code reloading. Through practical examples and demos, attendees will discover how to create high-quality applications with fast iteration cycles. The talk offers a unique perspective on code reloading and demonstrates how to combine QML, Qt 6, and various tools to achieve a seamless development experience. In conclusion, this talk provides attendees with an in-depth understanding of how to use QML and Qt 6 to enable code reloading in their applications. It offers a valuable opportunity to gain insights and practical knowledge on code reloading, which significantly improves the development experience and reduces time-to-market.

About the Speaker: Equipped with a business and technical background, Alex specialized in mobile app development in 2008 when the first app store launched. With his profound knowledge of mobile platforms and their UX, his apps were downloaded over a million times. In 2011, Alex switched his focus to cross-platform software with Qt and QML and co-founded FELGO. Since then, FELGO has specialized in fast and high-quality software development, providing development tools and professional services. Alex has worked with customers from small companies to multinational enterprises across many industries, including automotive, medical, and industry. Alex gave various talks about cross-platform app development with Qt at different events, including Qt World Summit events and the Qt Developer Conference. He is also a co-organizer of the Qt Meetup Austria.