The Image-based Testing Feature | Release Webinar | Squish GUI Test Automation Tool

The previous version of Squish GUI Tester already introduced basic support for the image-based object lookup. This next version of froglogic’s functional testing tool completes this feature set. It ships with new configurable image-based lookup methods to handle more complex use cases:

• Create Image Groups to represent a UI component by a set of images. Then use the group for an image-based lookup of components that have different appearances because of different rendering styles or cross-platform test environments. Let Squish handle the differences!

• Through fuzzy image lookups Squish GUI Tester makes the lookup of images with minor differences reliable. Configure per-pixel tolerance, image cross-correlation and multi-scale image lookups! Squish documentation about Image-based Testing:

Squish Version: 6.4 ID: MKT-411