The Role of Language Bindings in the Future of the Qt Ecosystem with Cristián Mauraira-Fredes

Abstract: Qt and Python are around the same age, but both technologies evolved independently. The moment Python bindings were available for the Qt framework, both stories started to be related. Then the question is: what's the impact of providing bindings in other languages? In this talk, you will learn about the evolution and influence between Qt, C++, and Python. Additionally, you will learn how Qt for Python is closing the gap between these two worlds and the influence on Qt by learning about the current state and future of the project. Thoughts about the interaction with other languages like Rust and Carbon will be presented as well, but no previous knowledge is required.

About the Speakers: Cristián is a Senior R&D Manager at Qt and is currently the team lead of the Qt for Python project, on his spare time, Cristián is actively participating in many Python communities, conferences, and projects from different countries.