Unleashing the Power of Qt and MVVM for Custom UI Development: From View to ViewModel and Back!

Abstract: This talk will focus on the MVVM approach to UI development using the Qt framework, specifically on the strict separation of the UI's visual layer (View), its logic and data management layer (ViewModel), and the driving mock-data back-end (Model). By implementing ViewModel modeling, developers can create UI components that are highly modular, reusable, and easily maintainable across multiple platforms while allowing designers a greater degree of flexibility and total control over their UI designs. The talk will cover the technical aspects of this approach and its benefits in terms of UI design systems, usability, and performance. Attendees will gain insights into the benefits of ViewModel modeling and learn how to apply these principles to their own UI development projects using the Qt framework and Qt Design Studio.

About the Speaker: Gray Holland's career has taken him on a journey through diverse industries, where he consistently strives to push the boundaries of user-centric design. His practice focuses on spearheading next-generation 3D software systems, including defining industry standards like the ViewCube for Autodesk. From building a UX team from scratch as the CDO of Nemetschek Allplan for architectural and civic engineering software to 3D animation UX systems for Maxon's Cinema 4D, automotive design solutions for Dassault Systèmes Catia, even future UX concepts for Qt Design Studio, Gray's vision blends flowing interaction with engineering precision. His experience also extends to industrial design on AR projects for Intel and Microsoft, exploring the future of augmented reality. In his latest endeavor, Gray assumes the role of Head of Product Design at Arcturus Studio, where his journey continues implementing innovative UI tooling solutions.