Webinar: Creating Automated GUI Tests for Your Embedded Application

Design, develop and automate your functional GUI tests Embedded systems exist everywhere and for a good reason.

Computationally efficient, cost-effective, and with a tiny footprint, embedded devices power many of the automotive, medical, and consumer tech we use in our daily lives. This webinar will introduce a method for designing and executing automated, functional tests for the GUI frontend of your embedded HMI.

We'll do so using a powerful, flexible tool for creating and automating such tests: The Squish GUI Tester from The Qt Company. Through real-world demos and with practical examples, we'll demonstrate how to:

  • cross-compile Squish for use on a target
  • automate your Application Under Test
  • record, replay and refactor test scripts in a modern scripting language
  • remotely control your device from anywhere
  • create test reports from your results


  • Jakub Topolski, Test Automation Consultant at The Qt Company
  • Sebastian Polzin, Marketing Manager at The Qt Company