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A subscription license for wider technology applications

We're moving to subscription-based license models going forward in the Squish 7, Coco 6 and Test Center 2 series.

With a subscription, you get access to every Squish technology edition, all language options in Coco, plus a 2-seat Test Center bundle.

Tech support, patch, minor and major releases are included at no separate charge with the subscription -- simplifying costs and easing license management. 

Upgrade today to the new model:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 12.1. What is a subscription license?

    Subscription-based licensing enables customers to use Squish, Coco and Test Center within various time periods (e.g., annually), as long as the subscription period is active. The subscription payment includes software licenses, access to technical support services, and all feature- and patch-level versions as they are released.

  • 12.2. What is the difference between maintenance and subscription?

    Under a subscription-based model, technical support, and all bug fix-, minor- and major releases are included for the time period of the subscription, at no extra cost. In other words, maintenance is included by default.

    Maintenance for perpetual licensees, however, is a renewable fee, and is what gives you continued access to incremental versions of Squish, Coco and Test Center, and their technical support.

  • 12.3. If I don’t convert to subscription, can I still use my perpetual (legacy) license?

    Yes. Perpetual license holders are able to use their license seats in perpetuity, even after the maintenance period ends.

    Please note that new feature releases of the QA Tools series Squish 7.x+, Coco 6.x+ and Test Center 2.x+ will be available under the new subscription model only.

  • 12.4. How long can I renew maintenance for my perpetual license?

    For maintenance renewal, we will offer support & update renewals for perpetual (legacy) license holders with a currently active support & updates contract until the end of Q3/2022 for a contract ending no later than September 2023. Under the legacy support & updates contract, customers will continue to receive bug fix and patch-level releases, and technical support for the Squish 6.7.x, Coco 5.1.x and Test Center 1.2.x series.

  • 12.5. What are the benefits of subscription?

    The subscription-based scheme, with seats provided via a floating license server, offers key advantages to our users. These include:

    • All Squish editions available with a subscription. With the legacy license model, we limited Squish edition availability on a pay-per-edition basis. Now, all currently existing Squish editions are available to users under the subscription plan.
    • All languages supported by Coco available with a subscription. With the legacy license model, we limited Coco language support on a pay-per-language basis. Now, all currently supported languages are available to users under the subscription plan.
    • Test Center bundled with Squish & Coco. Test Center is naturally coupled to Squish and Coco, and the integration between these components of the QA Tool suite are strengthening with each feature release. To offer a truly synergistic – and powerful – suite for the entire software development lifecycle, Test Center now comes bundled with your Squish and Coco subscriptions, free of charge for the first two user seats.
    • Shareable by anyone in your organization. The subscription model with floating license seats serves teams especially well in cases where members of that team are not geographically co-located. Seats can be checked out from a central server as floating seats.
    • Ensuring License Compliance. The license server automatically guarantees license compliance for the customer. Under legacy models, e.g., Group License, there was some level of self-enforcement required to limit usage to a set number of concurrent seats. The subscription model with seats which float prevent any misuse, intentional or otherwise, of the license agreement.
  • 12.6. How do I convert to subscription?

    For upgrading to the subscription model, we ask that you get in touch with us by filling the form above or contacting your Qt Account Manager.