Exhibit 2: Small Business Terms and Conditions

1. This Exhibit applies to entities that qualify as a Qualified Small Business (defined below) and provides additional terms and conditions applicable to small business pricing and licensing. In the event that Customer is a Qualified Small Business and there is any conflict between the terms of this Exhibit and any other terms of the Agreement, the terms in this Exhibit shall take precedence.

2. APPLICABILITY FOR SMALL BUSINESS LICENSES. Any small business discounts applied require that Customer (including any Customer Affiliates or group entities) has an annual revenue (including annual capital funding) below 1 Million EUR, or the equivalent thereof, as approved by The Qt Company (each, a “Qualified Small Business”). The annual revenue, including funding, must be evidenced upon request by business records and approved by The Qt Company in its reasonable discretion.

3. SUPPORT. Support is limited to: (i) Install Support; and (ii) for any other Standard Support issue, five (5) support tickets annually. 

4. LIMITATION ON NUMBER OF SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPER LICENSES. Qualified Small Business discounts and purchasing structure may be applied to a maximum of  three discounted developer licenses (either ADE or DCP) per Qualified Small Business. Any additional licenses purchased will be at The Qt Company list price in effect at the time. 

5. LIMITATION FOR NUMBER OF INSTALLATIONS. Customer may install copies of the Licensed Software on two (2) computers per Designated User, provided that only the Designated Users who have a valid Development License may use the Licensed Software.

6. CONDITIONAL WAIVER OF DISTRIBUTION LICENSES. For Qualified Small Businesses, the Agreement requirements to purchase Distribution Licenses for Devices shall apply only when Customer ceases to be a Qualified Small Business (e.g., when annual revenue threshholds  are bypassed).

7. ADDITIONAL TERMS FOR RENEWALS. The initial subscription purchase term for Qualified Small Business Licenses is twelve (12) months. Upon expiration of the initial twelve (12) month term and unless terminated in accordance with the Agreement, the Licenses will automatically renew for additional twelve (12) month terms with applicable Qualified Small Business discounts. If Customer ceases to be a Qualified Small Business, renewal pricing shall be at The Qt Company list price in effect at the time of renewal, or as agreed in writing between the parties.  

8. ADDITIONAL AUDIT RIGHTS. In addition to the audit rights set forth in the Agreement, The Qt Company reserves the right to audit Customer financial records in order to determine whether Customer is a Qualified Small Business.