Appendix for Marketing Rights

Version 2024-02, compliant with Qt License Agreement 4, Qt Frame Agreement 2023-06 or later

Customer grants The Qt Company the right to use its entity name, logo, and trademarks for The Qt Company’s marketing purposes, including but not limited to advertising, promotions, and publicity efforts as follows:

1. LOGO. Customer agrees that The Qt Company may use and display Customer’s name, logo, and trademarks (if applicable) on The Qt Company’s marketing materials (e.g., websites, brochures, and marketing collateral), for the purpose of identifying Customer as a Qt Company customer. Customer will provide any applicable Customer branding guidelines to The Qt Company upon request of The Qt Company and may require The Qt Company to correct any inappropriate use of Customer’s name and/or logo.

2. SALES COLLATERAL. Customer agrees that The Qt Company may include Customer’s name, logo, trademarks, and a description of Customer’s use of The Qt Company products and services in sales presentations of The Qt Company to prospective and existing customers and partners, to illustrate uses of The Qt Company’s products or services.

3. JOINT MARKETING ACTIVITIES. Customer and The Qt Company will jointly determine the marketing collaboration activities that will take place. Such marketing collaboration activities may include, but are not limited to, case studies, public relations and press releases, social media campaigns or posts, speaking engagements, and joint event participation. Any marketing collaboration activity content will be subject to Customer’s prior approval and the timing of the joint marketing activities will be agreed on by Customer and The Qt Company. Should Customer not approve of a joint marketing activity, Customer may withdraw its consent to the joint marketing activity by providing prior written notice to The Qt Company.