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Short QtWebKit Development Update

In the past few weeks the development of the Qt port of WebKit has seen a lot of progress. I would like to highlight a few items:

  • Kent, Olivier, Jedrzej, Benjamin, Tor Arne and Ariya have been hacking away on the new backend for QtScript to use JavaScriptCore. We're down to only a handful of issues (~10, so both hands are needed).
  • Since Akademy the entire team has been cleaning up the layout tests and the DumpRenderTree tool, to get the test infrastructure back in shape.
  • Gabor, Rapcsanyi and Zoltan from the University of Szeged have been working hard on bringing the build bot for the Qt WebKit port back online. Since last weekend it's finally back online in green (yay) at the bot farm at http://build.webkit.org/waterfall!
  • In a multi-platform marathon Tor Arne has been working on cleaning up the WebCore plugins code to eliminate duplicated code between the ports and to unify the behaviour in things like startup sequence and error handling.
  • While we're at plugins, Jakob from the Arora team has started developing a settings API for plugins, to enable/disable them or to specify preferences.
  • Laszlo and Norbert continue to submit patch after patch for the S60 port, it's progressing nicely!

In between we had a little team barbeque here in Oslo, celebrating our recent hackeries with food and games:

Ariya’s delicious spicy prawns
Alternate use of Kubb sticks
Playing Kubb

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